Order by Fax or E-mail

To place your order by fax or email, please click here to download the order form (PDF).

Once you have downloaded the form, you can either enter your details directly onto the form, or print off the form and use handwriting. Then, simply fax the form to +371 671 398 67 or email it to info@dft.lv.

Here are some guidelines on completing the form:

  1. always state your MONO Diplomatic Supply Service username;
  2. If you are already a customer, but have forgotten your username, please inform us;
  3. write your full name, remembering to include your title (ambassador, consul, honorary consul, attaché, secretary,...), mission, street address and e-mail address; 
  4. indicate how you wish your goods to be sent. Specify the shipping address, if different from the mailing address, and your phone number;
  5. state the currency in which you wish to order and pay;
  6. when paying by credit card, please state name of the card-holder, type of card, card number, expiry date and the control digits printed on the reverse side of the credit card;
  7. please write the product code and state the quantity you wish to buy. When buying multiple goods, please indicate the sales unit. E.g for food products – 3-packs or 6-packs and for wines or spirits – bottle or carton; 
  8. state the unit price printed in the catalogue for each item and calculate the total sum;
  9. do not forget to sign and date the order.